“We Are Not Limited by What We Know, We Are Limited by What We Believe is Possible”

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Here's a story of how anything can be possible when you set your mind to it.

In 2006, this guy flew into the UK from South Africa with no qualifications, one suitcase of clothes and a mission to play rugby to the highest standard. I met him within an hour of arriving to show him around the university facilities.

In 2019, this guy has a degree in Sports Business Management, a MSc in Business Psychology, captained the Cardiff Blues, has been capped by Wales, built a sustainable and supportive business model for The Welsh Rugby Players Association, married his University sweetheart and has a gorgeous daughter. 

Due to an enforced early retirement from Professional Rugby, he had to shift his focus on to what he was passionate about, helping others. He now runs a hugely successful and popular Employee Change and Wellbeing Programme through his business: 1 Step North (www.1stepnorth.com). Give him a shout if you want to support your business, employees or yourself when it comes to personal development or wellbeing.

“We are not limited by what we know, we are limited by what we believe is possible” – he’s the shining example of his own business moto!

I stood at the front with him when he married his Rose nine years ago, and this August I have the privilege of him standing by me when I marry mine (*we both have partners called Rosie too!).

Don’t limit yourself to what you know, then again, don’t limit yourself to what you see as not possible!

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