Workout at Home? 1-2-1 or Family Personal Training!

Sessions that can be done away from busy gyms, in the privacy of your own home or a location to suit you by yourself, with your family or your household. No matter what level of fitness, we’re here for you.

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One of our founding principles is that Personal Training should be just that: personal to you. Everyone starts at different points, with differing abilities so don’t compare yourself to someone else! The key benefit of a good Personal Trainer is that they know the level you’re starting at and can adapt your training program accordingly. Here at The Fitness Truck®, we’ll complete our Movement Analysis with you in session 1 to gauge where you’re starting from and tailor activities to your needs.

If you’re looking for accountability in a friendly environment, give us a shout!

  • Personal training where you want it
  • All equipment provided
  • Programmes suited to your needs
  • Sessions adapted to your availability

The Fitness Truck Personal Training
Pete Swatkins PT

How our Personal Training Works

Your TFT trainer will help you to get the most out of each and every session. We appreciate when you’re left to exercise on your own, it’s easy to lose focus or quit, especially if you’re tired or you’re finding it hard. When you work with one of our trainers, we’ll structure the session based on your Movement Analysis and we’ll sense when we need to regress (take a step back and coach you through an easier movement pattern) or Progress (push you harder and challenge you).

Ready to put the key in the ignition? Get in touch via our contact page or check out our blog post on working with a PT.

  • book your Truck

Get in touch with us, we’ll then look to organise an initial conversation to understand your training needs and objectives as well as when and where you would like to train.

  • We come to you

Once we’ve arranged the details, we come to you. Our Fitness Truck will meet you at your convenience with all the training equipment you need.

What are the Fitness Truck sessions like?

We like to make fitness fun and accessible to everyone, so our sessions are always varied to keep things interesting. Our trainers will check your form throughout (we’ll always do a Movement Analysis with you to check how you move) and we might suggest ways to modify movement so that you get the most from your workout. We’ll ensure you’re able to complete each exercise safely and with the correct techniques – then we’ll start adding in some more advanced work.

Where are you located?

We’re based in South Yorkshire – lots of our sessions are around Sheffield and Rotherham, even over in the Peak District. We’re regularly up to Doncaster and down in Worksop/Bolsover/Chesterfield too.  Since we’re the gym that comes to you (have Truck, will travel!) you let us know where you’d like to meet us.

How much space will we need?

We can Truck you in a 1m x 1m space if needed.  If you have space in the garden, in the kitchen or on the drive, we’ll make it work!

For our Corporate Truckers, any outdoor space or indoor meeting room can be manipulated to support your sessions.

What equipment will we use?

Our Truck is packed full of functional gym equipment – things like Slam Balls, TRX Straps, Battle Ropes, Dumbbells, a Reebok Deck, Resistance Bands, Sparring Pads and a functional speaker to blast some tunes out too.  We specialise in functional fitness, so sessions will use some of our equipment and we’ll often include bodyweight and plyometrics/cardio style movements too. If all of this sounds like a foreign language, don’t panic – we’ll guide you through it all!

How long are the sessions?

Our sessions typically last between 40 minutes to 1 hour – depending on the intensity we’re working at and on the outcome goals you have set. We can work within your existing commitments, so if you’re limited on time, we’ll help you fit in shorter sessions.

Who can join in?

It’s up to you how your Personal sessions go. You can choose to have 1-to-1 Personal Training, couples fitness for you and your partner or we can run whole family sessions where the kids can get involved too during the holidays.

In our Corporate sessions, anyone and everyone can join in (up to 12 attendees per session).

For Group PT, grab your friends and work out together, spreading the cost in a more manageable way.