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A growing brand, our first employee, an enhanced marketing strategy. A new company, and our best ever Quarter 1. When we look back, we’ve actually been thriving here at The Fitness Truck® over the last few months.

As we’re now on the other side of the restrictions around Physical Activity (hopefully for good!), we’ve had numerous conversations with our clients, and our industry colleagues, about the experience. One theme that keeps coming up has been our ‘fight or flight’ philosophy and how much this has pushed us through since March.

We understand that so many individuals and businesses have faced huge hardships and challenges through this time. Our sincere thoughts go out to those people affected by the pandemic – those who have lost loved ones, faced physical or mental health battles, those who’re dealing with employment and financial challenges and those who have been on the front line throughout as key workers.


We – like so many businesses – faced uncertainty when lockdown was announced. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve spent three years building here at The Fitness Truck®, and we were determined to find a way through. We took the decision to move our customer facing business online, whilst remaining true to our founding principles; we’re here for our clients’ convenience, we keep things personal and we believe they deserve better. We switched our business to delivering Zoom fitness sessions. This meant we’ve been able to keep our clients moving and motivated whilst stuck at home, and we could make sure their form was accurate throughout. Hard work, determination, and staying true to ourselves has seen us through this period, when things could so easily have ground to a halt.

In a time when we’ve heard so much negative news, we’ve a few positives we’ll be taking away from this experience:


1) We welcomed our first employee – Louis Townsend, who has come on board as our Strength & Conditioning coach. His client base has grown 5-fold since he started, and honestly – we’re not surprised! Louis helps our clients focus particularly on their strength and conditioning, bringing a great new dynamic to their training programmes. He comes with a wealth of experience – a BTEC Level 3 in Sport & Exercise Science, a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science, an MSc in Strength & Conditioning, and he’s a level 2 Gym Instructor. Basically, what Louis can’t teach you isn’t worth knowing! 


2) Our marketing strategy and social media presence has rocketed thanks to Beth Wallbank. She’s used a challenging time to support us here at TFT and develop her own portfolio. She’s the creative genius behind all our social media and new web content. Keep your eyes peeled for more changes to come!

3) We’ve seen our BEST EVER Q1 from a cashflow perspective, which is not only incredible from a monetary perspective (of course) but we’re thrilled that our clients (both new and old) are investing seriously into their own health and wellbeing.


4) I personally have built up my on-screen confidence through our Lockdown Live series on Instagram and eliminated the ‘imposter syndrome’ I’ve initially struggled with. Yes, even I had reservations about being in front of the camera and for those that know me well, know this is never normally the case… I’m usually so reserved!

5) We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the continued engagement from our Corporate clients – special shout out to Sheffield Cathedral, Tier Consult and Central Technology. We’ve had some incredible feedback from Wayne Ballance, MD at Tier Consult; “During these difficult and unprecedented times, The Fitness Truck has helped our employees connect with each other, have fun and help their mental and physical well-being, without leaving their homes! The virtual PT sessions are engaging, motivating and varied, meaning that no two sessions are the same.”

6) We’re structurally and financially more stable than ever before, with an official Board of Directors confirmed on both The Fitness Truck Ltd (our PT business and franchise 001) and our new Limited Holding company The Fitness Truck (Franchising) Ltd.

We’re big believers here on the truck that people buy people, and our personal service, which has been in our DNA since day one, has served us well. We will never lose sight of why we are who we are, and will look back on the this challenging period as a time we were able to establish a truly personal service and grow a reliable, recognisable and friendly brand.


If you or your business fancies a good trucking, get in touch: info@thefitnesstruck.co.uk

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