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Our blog is where we’ll share behind the scenes info on what’s new with The Fitness Truck. We’ll also put together our hints and tips on small changes you can make, our guides on equipment, workouts and food choices. We keep things relaxed, friendly and we welcome your views on what we share.

Lockdown Life for The Fitness Truck

TEL 07866 753828 A growing brand, our first employee, an enhanced marketing strategy. A new company, and our best ever Quarter 1. When we look back, we’ve actually been thriving here at The Fitness Truck® over the last few months. As we’re now on the other side of the restrictions around Physical Activity (hopefully for

Five bodyweight exercises to include in your home workout

TEL 07866 753828 Share this post Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on print Share on email This week, we found out when we can next get a haircut and when we can meet up for a pint. Still no news on when the gyms

The easy way to create a gym at home

TEL 07866 753828 We’ve all had to make some significant changes to our daily life and to what we think is “normal”. We’ve set up work space in the dining room, we’ve been home-schooling, and staying in is the new going out. Our workouts have had to change too. Although we’re now able to get

An interview with a Marketeer – we chat with Emma Pilkington of Velochampion

TEL 07866 753828 We learn how health and fitness industry professionals have been spending lockdown. If you’ve been following our Instagram for the last few weeks, you’ll no doubt have seen our “Lockdown Live” series of videos, where we’ve been catching up with professionals from across the health, fitness and wellbeing industries. We’ve learnt how


TEL 07866 753828 FIVE WAYS TO INTRODUCE FITNESS TO THE WORKPLACE For the vast majority of us, we’ll enter the workplace as young adults, and we’ll be in our 60s (at least!) before we’re in a position to retire. That means we’ll spend around 40 years tied to the workplace; we average out at 82,068

The 9 Best Alternatives To Back Squats

TEL 07866 753828 The 9 Best Alternatives to Back Squats First things first… what is a back squat? Well traditionally in a back squat, you’ll start in a standing position with a bar placed on your traps. You’d then break from the hips, then knees (as with a regular, unweighted squat), and lower your hip

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Is It Worth Getting a Personal Trainer? 7 Things to Consider

TEL 07866 753828 Is it worth getting a personal trainer? 7 things to consider There are a huge number of reasons why you might consider working with a personal trainer – perhaps it’s all completely new to you, maybe you’re carefully getting back into fitness after an injury, or possibly you’re training for something specific

Mental health: boost your mood by staying active

TEL 07866 753828 Mental Health: Boost Your Mood by Staying Active Ahead of next week’s mental health awareness week, we’d already planned an article about how regular exercise and activity can benefit not only your physical state, but your mental wellbeing too. Now that we’re here and ready to write – in the midst of

How to Stay Healthy in Self-Isolation

Self-isolation doesn’t make being healthy easy. We’re increasingly sedentary, we don’t have our usual routines to fall back on and, quite frankly, we’re bored. But what are some steps you can take to improve your wellbeing while in self-isolation? Here are our top tips for staying healthy in quarantine.

TFT Diaries: Lockdown Life

As part of our new blog series called The Fitness Truck Diaries, Managing Director Pete Swatkins brings you an update on his home life, how TFT is coping with lockdown, and what we can expect in the future.

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